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Emulsifiers and their uses in chocolate

Chocolate is used in several applications such as molding, enrobing, or coating. Each application needs chocolate with specific rheological properties. Some of the factors that are affecting the flow properties of chocolate are fat content, particle size distribution, surface active agent (emulsifiers), conching and moisture.
Cloetta produces chocolate used for all applications mentioned above and emulsifiers behavior needs to be studied and improved. Therefore, we have as a proposal a study of emulsifiers on rheological properties of chocolate.

Practical part:
Rheological properties of a chocolate sample (yield value and viscosity) should be measured at different levels of emulsifier added to the reference and summarize conclusions of the measurements done.
Chocolate from one production batch should be used, several sample to be created by adding different amount of emulsifier and measure rheological properties on all these samples. Collect results and propose adjustments which are correcting and stabilizing chocolate properties useful for operators.
Cloetta provides support with theoretical and practical material, introduction in chocolate production, rheometer (instrument for measuring rheological properties), measuring method for chocolate properties, supervisor and coaching for the student.

Improved chocolate rheological properties of at least 2 chocolate types that Cloetta is producing and find recommendation on adjustments which can be done in production before using chocolate in several applications.
Measurement plan and presentation of results and conclusions to be sustain by the student.

Nicoleta Hellzén
Project Manager

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